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imperial 710 disposable



Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens

imperial 710 disposable new disposable pens by Imperial 710 will knock your socks off. Made with the highest quality and potent oil and terpenes. You will not be disappointed after trying these out. Being a fairly new company,  is making a name for itself. With over 25 flavors to choose from you.ll be able to find the flavor or strain that will fill your needs.

Each THC Pen comes with one gram of the strain you choose! The pen is also rechargeable so you can get every single drop of the gram down to its last puff.


Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens
Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens

Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens Flavor

  • Lemon Skunk
  • Platinum OG
  • Hardcore OG
  • Tiger Blood
  • Green Crack
  • Sour Apple
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Melonatta
  • Clementine

Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens for sale Online USA

Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens is a disposable, pre-filled THC oil pen that contains 2.5mg of THC per .5ml dose. Imperial is one of the most trusted brands in cannabis products and has been around since 2013. The company was founded by two friends who wanted to bring high-quality products to the market. These guys have been in the industry for many years, so they know what they are doing!

Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens have become extremely popular over the last few years, especially with people who are new to cannabis. They are convenient and easy to use, which makes them great for anyone who wants an easy way to get high on their own terms; all you have to do is click and puff!

mperial 710 Disposable THC Pens for sale Online USA

The Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens are a convenient way to enjoy your favorite strain without having to deal with the mess and hassle of traditional smoking. The disposable pens contain 250mg of THC and can be used anywhere, including in places where smoking is prohibited or frowned upon. The pens are disposable, so there is no need to worry about cleaning them after use.

Imperial 710 Disposable THC Pens come in three different flavors: Blue Berry, Blueberry Mint and Pineapple Express. Each one offers a unique experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, euphoric and uplifted.

These pens are perfect for anyone who wants a clean, easy way to consume their favorite cannabis strains. They make an excellent choice for first-time users who may not be ready to make the commitment to buying cartridges yet. They also work well for those who travel frequently or live in areas where cannabis consumption is restricted by law or public policy

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Lemon Skunk (Sativa), Platinum OG (Indica), Hardcore OG (Indica), Tiger Blood (Hybrid), Green Crack (Sativa), Sour Apple (Hybrid), Do-Si-Dos (Indica), Melonatta (Sativa), Clementine (Sativa), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Beyond Blueberry (Indica), Lemon Citrine (Sativa), Slurricane (Hybrid), Sunset Punch (Hybrid), Cherry Cookies (Hybrid), Zkittlez (Indica), Super Crack (Sativa), GMO (Indica), Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid), Pineapple Express (Sativa), Candy Line (Sativa), StrawPicana (Hybrid), Pink Panties (Indica), Gelonade (Hybrid), Gelato 44 (Hybrid), Banana Kush (Indica), Blueberry Muffins (Hybrid), OG Kush (Indica), Bubble Gum Kush (Indica), Peaches & Cream (Sativa)


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